Rainy Days…A Blessing In Disguise?

Rainy days are always the days when I think about what I “could be doing” instead of what I “am doing”. What I mean by that is I tend to get lost in thought…okay, daydreams…a lot, instead of doing the work I’ve set out for myself. Today is one of those days…it’s an absolute DELUGE out there…so much for walking the dog, not that I was going to do that anyway, since I just had surgery on my hand a week ago and can’t hold the leash (don’t bother with the thought that I could hold it in my other hand…you really do need TWO functioning hands to walk a dog 🐶 )

So I thought I’d spend some time working on my podcast episodes…maybe get a couple more interviews edited and uploaded…maybe get a couple of solo episodes written or at least outlined…nothing too heavy, since it was only 7 am at the time!

I sat down at the computer and was immediately overtaken by the DESPERATE NEED to sort out my finances. Now, really, who has EVER had that need overpower all other activities…especially on a Saturday morning?? Well…

I began updating my financial software from all my bank accounts…naturally I’ve chosen software that’s American, so it doesn’t connect automatically to my banks for me. I have to download the transactions and upload them to the software. Not a big deal; something I usually do once a month or so…so I can balance the books and keep on top of stuff. Anyway…part way through that task, I was naturally drawn to a couple of transactions that I didn’t recognize. So I searched back through my emails and found them. You’d think that would be great news…but it wasn’t. Remember the Shiny Objects episode I posted awhile ago? No, of course you don’t…because it never got published! I just found it in my drafts folder.

And therein lies my problem…

…I found the errant transactions, but it made me recall what I’d purchased, so I had to go check out those purchases. From there, I moved on to WHY I’d bought the items – what it was going to do for me, my family, my future…and further down the rabbit hole I went…

Pretty soon, the finances were forgotten and I was trying to outline the next few months of my schedule, so I could fit some new activities into it, because I absolutely MUST start using the purchases that I just “discovered” again. Outlining my schedule led me to my blog…and the rest is history. Still nothing accomplished from my list, but I’m doing a blog post finally!  🥳

How is all this mental roaming a “blessing”, you may ask? 🤔

Well, I look at it this way…I’ve now spent the better part of an hour (yes, even writing gets interrupted by the wandering thoughts!) simply recounting my earlier time-wasting activities…but did I really WASTE that time? I think not. Like many people who are striving to make a living as an online entrepreneur, I buy a lot of products…and I tend to lose them shortly after buying them, because I haven’t taken the time to properly catalogue them so I’ll be able to find them later. Today, only because I picked a rainy day to try to do some other work, I managed to get the majority of my purchases organized and catalogued so now I know what I have…and unlike novels that I tend to buy two or three times before I actually get around to reading them, I won’t go out and purchase the same online product again, because I can quickly search my catalogue to confirm a purchase.

So…maybe I didn’t get done what I set out to do, but I’m feeling better about what I did get done on this rainy day… and my post is finished! 😇 



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