Back In The Saddle…

It’s been quite awhile since I did a solo podcast episode. I thought it wouldn’t make a big difference to me, since I’m always a little nervous doing the show anyway…but as it turns out, I’ve really missed being a “live” part of the show!

My podcast has evolved over the year that I’ve been doing it…as you would expect it to, I guess. I started out doing primarily solo episodes, documenting my journey as I made plans for the next phase of my life. I had a few interviews, but not many.

Then I decided to enrol in the Podcast Profit Lab and learn how to do the whole business properly! What an eye-opener that was! So glad I took that program (and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of starting a podcast or who’s got one that needs an update.) I ended up relaunching after I’d been running the show for about 6 months and I got my show into the top 100 Business podcasts ( and made it to #12 in Careers). Not bad, eh!?

Along with that relaunch, I started doing more interviews. Suddenly I had LOTS of episodes recorded…I was alternating solos and interviews. So it was going to take until sometime in December to publish all the interviews I’d recorded back in January and February! I didn’t want all my guests to wait that long, after so graciously agreeing to talk with me, so in early April I decided to forego my solo episodes for awhile to get all the interviews on the air.

A great idea…except that it left me sort of detached from my show, because everything was done – the shows were recorded, edited and scheduled to drop…I had nothing to do anymore. I stopped doing more interviews, because I had shows scheduled till August now, and there was no reason to continue creating solo episodes, if I wasn’t publishing them.

I had this grand idea that I was going to get WAY AHEAD on the solo episodes, but that didn’t pan out – like most people, procrastination took over and I simply never got around to doing any of them.

So I didn’t feel like I was a podcaster anymore. Something was missing…and I had to get it back!

When I finally realized that the only problem was that I wasn’t actually DOING any podcasts anymore, I felt kind of silly…it was pretty obvious that this was the issue!

So, as I alluded to with the title of this post…I’m back in the saddle. It’s time to get moving and create some content. I’m interviewing guests again, and I’m recording more solo episodes.



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